Stillwater River Fishing Trips

Stillwater River Fishing Trips

I made a thorough post on the Stillwater River Fishing Trips I run in my raft over on the Parks’ Fly Shop blog. Rather than repeating myself, check it out.

If you’re based between Livingston and Columbus, I can also run walk & wade trips over there. While it’s a long drive for me, it’s actually a bit shorter than the drive to most places within Yellowstone Park, and pressure near the road is lighter.

On my walk-wade Stillwater River fishing trips, I focus on the areas upstream from the town of Absarokee after mid-July, when this stretch starts getting a bit “bony” to float. The best fishing is in August and September, when there isn’t enough water for kayaks, much less fishing rafts. In many respects, the wade-fishing near the Cliff Swallow, Buffalo Jump, and Moraine Fishing accesses resembles fishing the Gardner River in Yellowstone Park, right down to the preponderance of 8-14″ rainbow and brown trout, with the occasional bigger one, cutthroat, or brook trout thrown in for good measure. Virtually all fishing will be dry-dropper.

Angler with nice lower Stillwater River rainbow.

If you’re interested in walk-wading this area, the Stillwater’s main tributary the Rosebud may also be of interest. It fishes similarly to the Stillwater, and it’s easy to fish one river half the day and one the other half.

Walk-float combo trips are also possible in this area. Most of the time, we’ll combine half the day on the upper Stillwater or Rosebud wading and the other half on the far lower Stillwater floating.

While I run an occasional half-day float on the lower Stillwater, the distances involved in getting to the upper Stillwater to wade mean any trips involving a wading component really need to be full-days. Normal rates & policies apply. Visit this page for more information on my guide service.

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