McFlyfoam Egg and 2021 Jet Boat Trips

McFlyfoam Egg and 2021 Jet Boat Trips

The McFlyfoam egg is my preferred tiny egg, useful in crystal-clear water for spooky trout. The video below shows how I tie it. Stay tuned for a big announcement regarding jet boat trips I’ll be offering for a substantial discount from April-June 2021.


Hook: #16-18 standard scud.

Thread: 75-denier GSP, white or orange.

Body: Mcflyfoam, here Creme Delight. My favorite colors are January, Creme Delight, and Apricot, with or without an orange hotspot.

Tying Notes

1. Use 75-denier UTC gel-spun thread.

2. Use Mcflyfoam rather than traditional egg yarn (note that I like traditional egg yarn for my version of the Y2K Egg, for which I’ve also done a video).

3. Use heavy-duty scissors designed for synthetic materials, rather than standard fly tying scissors. You can also use good crafting shears.

4. Use somewhat less material than you see in many videos.

5. Tie this material on top the hook shank, rather than all the way around it, and use a minimum of thread wraps.

6. Use super glue to secure the egg and establish its final shape.

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