Fly Tying Vid: Windshield Haze Drowned Mayfly

Fly Tying Vid: Windshield Haze Drowned Mayfly

Windshield Haze Drowned Mayfly Dun

I designed the purple Windshield Haze (formerly Purple Haze Soft Hackle or Drowned Purple Haze) to imitate a drowned BWO dun that got sucked under and is therefore easy prey for the trout. While initially intended as a fly for beginners to fish on a short (6″) dropper behind some sort of larger dry fly they could see, this fly’s effectiveness means I now have experienced anglers fish it early and late in the season, as well. I have experienced anglers fish it on a slightly longer dropper behind a small dropper, especially my Purple Hazy Cripple in #16. Since this fly is tied on a light wire emerger hook, it sinks slowly and only a few inches, so even a small dry can serve as an indicator, and you’ll often see the fish make porpoise rises to this bug, without having to wait for the dry to dive to indicate a strike. It has produced several rainbows in the high teens on guide trips this spring. I expect to try it in a wide range of colors this season, because whenever I’ve used it, this fly has rocked.

Hook: #14-20 curved shank emerger (or light wire scud) hook.

Thread: 8/0, here purple. Use thread to match or contrast the colors you choose to try the fly in.

Hackle: Hen hackle, here light dun (which is a good general mayfly color). Tie using the technique given on this video.

Wing: Light dun Darlon or similar pale gray crinkly synthetic yarn. Tie using a similar technique given in the link given just above.

Tail: Hen hackle, same color as used for hackle.

Abdomen: Spandex floss (Sexi-Floss, Wonder Wrap, Spanflex, Life Flex, etc.), here purple.

Thorax: Fine dubbing with a hint of UV flash, here Montana Fly Company UV Frog’s Hair in color “Adams.”

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