Fly Tying Vid: UDO Worm

Fly Tying Vid: UDO Worm

The UDO Worm is a great oddball worm in its own right (see the third image at the beginning of the video), but more importantly it illustrates how adhesives can be used to “construct” flies.

Hook: Any curved shank scud, octopus, or bait hook featuring an offset shank, all the way from “huge” to “tiny.”

Weight: .010 or .015 lead wire, optional.

Thread: Red, 3/0 to 10/0 depending on fly size.

Body: Holographic red Flashabou over thread.

Coloration: Black nail polish.

Coatings: 1. UV cure resin, here Loon UV Thin. 2. Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails or similar clear nail polish. Omit UV cure on small sizes, consider adding an additional layer of it on the largest sizes.

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