Fly Tying Vid: Stillwater Soft Hackle

Fly Tying Vid: Stillwater Soft Hackle

Tis the season for this one on private ranch lakes as well as public lowland reservoirs in Montana. In a couple weeks these will be nailing it on Cascade and other small lakes in YNP, most of which are still inaccessible due to snow and marsh.

Hook: 1x short, 1x strong scud hook, #12-20, here #18. #18 is typically the best size overall.

Thread: 8/0 black except 8/0 white on pearl color.

Hackle: Gray speckled hen, partridge, or grizzly hen.

Abdomen: One strand holographic Flashabou doubled around the tying thread (or two strands secured in standard fashion), or pearl Flashabou on pearl. Good colors include black (presented here), red, chartreuse, gold, copper, purple, olive, and silver.

Thorax: 2-4 strands of peacock herl, depending on hook size.

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