Fly Tying Vid: Cinnamon Flying Ant

Fly Tying Vid: Cinnamon Flying Ant

Cinnamon Flying Ant

This is an excellent bug on the Yellowstone in August and early September and does double duty as a caddis or even (due to its rusty appearance) a mayfly emerger.

Hook: Standard dry, #14-18.

Thread: 8/0 rusty brown.

Head and Abdomen: Rusty brown acrylic dubbing. Here, it’s just craft yarn chopped up in a blender, but use whatever you like.

Wing: Light tan Widow’s Web or similar hydrophobic synthetic, tied in vee-style. You can also use white.

Hackle: Badger, 4-6 turns. You can also use brown, grizzly-brown, etc.

Reminder: Walter at the Wasatch Fly Fishing Show

I’ll be tying three sessions at the Wasatch Fly Fishing Show this upcoming weekend. Come say hi Friday morning, Friday afternoon, or Saturday afternoon. I’ll be tying spring, summer, and fall flies for the Yellowstone River and Yellowstone area.

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